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How it works!

You book your HistoryMystery here on the website and book any of the available time slots or slot that suit you. If you book for a company, children’s party or a larger group, call us or email us.

You show up at the booked time at our address Trångsund 4 in the Old Town. There, our HistoryMystery hosts will receive you. You get an introduction to your HistoryMystery and are moved back in time to end up in the historical event you are faced with.

So what is it all about? Together you will find clues, answer questions and solve other puzzles on your journey through the city, in search of the solution to the mystery.
To your help, you will get a “historic box” (a box with handles) with a number of locked compartments that you must try to unlock to reach the soloution and solve the mystery. You walk with your own small group and the “historical box” which you will carry, will lead you through the city and the mystery. The mystery takes you around to historical and beautiful places in and around the Old Town and Södermalm depending on which mystery you have chosen.

When you as a group have solved the mystery, you will return to the address Trångsund 4 and meet your HistoryMystery host. There you describe the solution you have discovered, summarize your impressions and hand back the “historical box” again.