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Autumn break with HistoryMystery

Take an autumn holiday adventure together, solving a historical mystery in a beautiful Stockholm setting.

Fun activity for the whole family!


Escaperoom, City walk and History lesson in one

Our Mysteries

For visitors to Stockholm, the teenage family, group of friends and company groups

For visitors to Stockholm, the teenage family, group of friends and company groups

Family/Group with children 6-12 years

Time travel

For families or groups (with children 6-12 years)

Birger Jarl needs help with founding Stockholm. In this mystery you are the chosen ones The time agents which, with the help of a time map, takes you on a journey through the centuries and ensures that a series of decisive events actually happen and the city’s history does not change.

You pass beautiful environments in the Stockholm Old Town and its vicinity while you solve your exciting mission. Since there was neither internet nor mobile phone during the eras you visit, you will instead have a magic wand and spells to help you. The mystery is adapted so that both children and adults have fun and learn about exciting Stockholm history.

Time required: approx. 1.5 h

Number: 2-6 people per group (at least one adult per group)

Price: 2 persons 495 kr, 3 persons 750 kr, Group 4 – 6 persons 935 kr


Murder of a King – The conspiracy behind the assassination of Gustav III

For friends, teenage families, colleagues

The year is 1792 and Sweden’s King Gustav III has just been shot. There are rumors in Stockholm about one conspiracy among the nobles, but who are really involved? Your task is to find out who planned the assassination and who are innocent. To your help you, you have one historical “casket” with clues and tools. Your detective work takes you through the alleys of the Old Town and to historic sites. For each step closer to the solution, high demands are placed on your creativity. At the end of the 18th century, there were no digital solutions. Instead, you must rely entirely on your dexterity and your logical ability.

Time required: approx. 2-3 h

Number: 2-6 people per group

Price: adult from 15 years 330 SEK, Children 10 to 14 years 220 SEK, Children under 9 years or younger free

Group price: 4-6 persons 1200 SEK

Witch Accusation – The Great Disorder

For friends, teenage families, colleagues

24The year is 1676 and there is witch fever on Södermalm. Several women have already been sentenced to death for bringing children to Blåkulla at night. Now, also your dear relative Karin Stjärnstråle has been accused after she made the mistake of yelling at Ryttmästare Grå’s sons. There is a letter that could free Karin from suspicion. Your task is to find the letter. To your help you, you have one historical “casket”. Your adventure takes you between historic sites and buildings on Södermalm that played central roles during the witch trials and this time in Stckholms history. To find the letter, you need to solve various puzzles step by step. It is your feet, your hands and your brain that lead you forward. During the witch trials there were no digital solutions.

Time required: approx. 2-3 h

Number: 2-6 people per group

Price: adult from 15 years 330 SEK, Children 10 to 14 years 220 SEK, Children under 9 years or younger free

Group price: 4-6 persons 1200 SEK

See what our customers think!

Toppenbra familjeaktivitet

Crazy fun and pretty tricky! We even managed to get the teenagers involved in solving all the “riddles” and had a super nice afternoon together in these beautiful Stockholm environments on Södermalm Will definitely do the mystery in the Old Town too!

May 2021 – Martine O

Skoj och klurigt!

Fun activity! Both tricky and fun. A very good way to see the old town. Can be combined with both beer and glass stops!

May 2021 – Signature Nossloj

Vi gjorde det som en tävling!

The excitement of completing the task to get on to the next box was what triggered the competition person in me. We were a large company that divided into several teams and competed against each other.

May 2021 • Jennie F



Lär dig om vår svenska historia med Gamla stan som kulisser

My family and I with two teenage sons had a wonderful afternoon in town. Solve tricky mysteries and get the code to open the clues in the box and learn about our Swedish history with the Old Town as scenery. A little “old-fashioned” in a positive way, you do not need mobile phones and solve the pussles by finding clues in the historical environment and use traditional tools such as magnifying glass. Plan for two active hours of intense hunting for the killers or set aside more time to stop for an icecream or beer break at one of the nice places along the way. Fun activity for the family, the group of friends or whoever really Highly recommended!

July 2021 – Johan L

Väldigt kul!

Great way to rediscover Södermalm! Fun and exciting adventure, especially if you are in several teams so you can compete against each other. Bring children, friends and your dog and have several nice hours outdoors!

April 2021 – Violeta J

Super kul aktivitet att göra med vänner!

We had so much fun! A fun activity to do with friends while learning some Stockholm history! We stopped by a few bars during the activity to “strengthen” ourselves to cope with the puzzles!

April 2021 – Candice T

Suveränt kul och lärorikt

Great fun. In addition, educational and beautiful views of Stockholm. Perfect for the whole family or group of friends and for the dog (who was actually the one who solved the mystery the fastest). Take the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine at one of the restaurants you pass on the way.

June 2021- Lars J

Lysande familjeaktivitet

Brilliant family activity! The accompanying teenagers took the intricacies with great zeal and kept their focus throughout the adventure. Afterwards, they stated “This is how history becomes great fun!”.

May 2021 – Helena W

Rolig och klurig aktivitet

Fun and creative activity that suits couples, groups of friends or families. The level is reasonably tricky and it is best suited when the weather is nice because it is outdoors.

June 2021 – Rebecka H


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