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Frequently Asked Questions

Will our group walk alone or with others?

You walk with your own group. The time you booked will not be used by other companies.

Who is HistoryMystery suitable for?

The activity suits everyone. Perfect for Stockholm visitors , family, groups of friends, colleagues and families with children who want to do something fun, exciting and educational together. Our more challenging mysteries are best suited for adults and teenagers and our children family mystery is well suited for families and groups with children between the ages of 6 and 14 years old.

How many should we be in each group?

You suitably go 2 to 6 people in each group. (6 people is the maximum number per start time) With this groupsize it will be the most fun and everyone can be involved in solving the mystery.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, no later than 24 hours before the booked start time, you can cancel for free. You use your cancellation code that you received in the booking confirmation via email and follow the cancel link in your booking confirmation. If canceled later than 24 hours before the start time, we charge a cancellation fee of SEK 400.

Where do you go and how far?

You will walk through historical Stockholm neighborhoods in and around the Old Town and Stigberget in Södermalm to find the places you need to visit to solve your task and take you through history. Exactly where you go depends on which mystery you choose. You walk in historical environments and learn history in a fun and exciting way. Depending on the different mysteries you choose, there are different length of walk. The “Murder of the king” and “Witch hunt” has a walklength of around 3 km, and the children’s mystery about 1.5 km.

Can I take the dog to a HistoryMystery?

It works perfectly fine to bring the dog along.

I want to read or leave reviews - how do I do that?

On our Facebook page , Tripadvisor page, and on our Google business page, you can read about previous mystery solvers’ experiences. In the same places, you can also submit your own review, which we appreciate if you do.

How do we book if we are a larger group or company?

Then you call us on +46709 – 92 24 28, and we will plan the event according to your wishes.

Can we run HistoryMystery on time and compete against other teams?

It is possible to arrange a competition for those of you who want it within the same company. Let us know beforehand, and we will adapt the activity for it.

Do I need to bring something specific with me to solve HistoryMystery?

The important thing is that you are adequately dressed for the weather of the day! We provide the tools you need to solve the HistoryMystery. You carry with you a “historical box” (a kind of “toolbox”) that takes you through history and mystery. It weighs about 3 kg, must be carried all the way and handed to us at the end of the trip. A tip is to take turns carrying! 🙂

Is HistoryMystery accessible for wheelchairs?

Along the road there are a number of stairs to reach each assignment site, but it is possible to take detours to reach these sites.

What happens if we get stuck in our mystery solving?

If you run into hurdels and do not succeed in solving a task, we are available by phone to help you further with clues.