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Corporate events

HistoryMystery is perfect as an activity at a corporate event with an engaging and fun team building activity. We can take groups from up to 4 to 60 people and adapt the arrangement after group size. The actual HistoryMystery solving, takes place in the streets of Gamla Stan and it’s vicinity. Takes just under three hours. Many people choose to have a drink before at one of the lovely restaurants in the neighborhood and then gather for a nice dinner after the activity. Many also find it nice to take a break with something to drink in 17th or 18th century style sourroundings while solving the mystery in the Old Town or in the heights of Södermalm.wink (It was a lot of drinking in Stockholm at that timeinnocent )

To ask for a quote or book the company activity, email us at info@historymystery.se or call us, by calling this phone number +46709-922428.


Children’s party

With the mystery “Time travel” suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years old, we can offer children’s party arrangements. We can take children’s groups of up to 3 to 20 children. The children go in groups of 3-5. Children. Each group have to be accompanied by one adult from your group. The accompanying adult will help the kids with the instructions and support them if they get stuck. The children`s mystery takes about an hour to an hour and a half to solve. After the activity, it is nice to have a birthday cake or lunch at one of the restaurants nearby.

To know more about or book a children’s party, email us at info@historymystery.se or call us, by callling this phone number +46709-922428.


Bachelorette- / Bachelor-Party

For the intellectual bachelor party and bachelorette party, this is an extremely enjoyable activity. HistoryMystery offers a fun, challenging and enjoyable group activity that can be arranged in competition form if you are a slightly larger group. We recommend this activity as a start to the day when sharpness is required to solve these tricky historical mysteries.

To book a bachelor- or bachelorette party, email us at info@historymystery.se or call us at +46709-922428.


Gift card

Many people give away a HistoryMystery as a birthday present to loved ones. Getting a HistoryMystery means doing something fun, challenging and educational together in our beautiful city. Many people make sure to take a break for something to drink while solving their historical task. There are many opportunities offered by cafes and restaurants in the Old Town and on the heights of Södermalm where our mysteries take place. Feel free to set aside about three hours for the activity so that you have time to enjoy both company, breaks and the challenging historical task, you are faced with. After the mystery, many book a dinner at one of the many restaurants in these beautiful historical environments.

To buy gift cards email us at info@historymystery.se or call us by calling this phone number +46709-922428



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We open upp for our mysteries in Stockhom the 9th of April